Keynote Speaker

Eduardo is an experienced presenter who has been part of international industry events for over 15 years. He has shared the stage with world-renowned management leaders, heads of state, and top academics and entrepreneurs.

Through customized and highly interactive presentations, Eduardo takes the audience through a journey of discovery in which attendees learn the importance of culture within an organisation and how to use culture and emotion to drive unprecedented results.

Eduardo inspires audiences all over the world and encourages attendees to build their own personal leadership style by making stronger connections that get better results and create a culture of inspiration and success.




How the best leaders use culture and emotion to drive unprecedented results

In this fully interactive presentation Eduardo introduces a new vision of leadership where the power of culture and emotion create extraordinary results. Eduardo explores the importance of culture within an organization and identifies the five key roles of leadership, offering insights to develop the qualities and skills of a new leader. You will leave this session with your heart burning and a clear understanding of a new paradigm to maximize results and create a culture of inspiration and success.


How great brands use culture and emotion to build a powerful, profitable business

Through case studies and interviews with iconic brand leaders Eduardo shows why your company culture needs to be consistent with the promise of your brand and the positioning of your product and how to achieve it. Eduardo shares the secrets behind great brands culture and outlines the keys to merge culture and core values to build a unique brand identity. You will learn how culture fuels growth, creates value for your customers and builds a solid, profitable business and an enduring brand.


Using culture and emotion to create innovation and drive unprecedented results

Innovation is key to competitive advantage and growth, but it’s your behavior as a leader what can make a difference by establishing innovation as culture and not

as a process. Through practical life lessons from renowned leaders, Eduardo shows how to identify and develop values and behaviors to create an environment that fosters independent thinking, creative ideas and innovation. You’ll leave this session with concrete actions to encourage and role model openness and increase the flow of ideas in your team.


How to build your leadership skills and foster high-performance culture

In this one-day, hands-on workshop, Eduardo dissects leadership and culture to its essence and helps you build your own “Leadership Development Plan”. You will learn all the tools you need to develop behaviors and values to improve your performance as a leader, establish your vision, foster meaningful connections and encourage effective communication. Eduardo will walk you through a path of discovery to find your own personal leadership style to create a culture of inspiration that powers your business leading to unparalleled results.

“You were definitely the keystone to the success of our conference!!! Thank you so much for your professionalism, for that quality of your moderation, and for your magnificent presentation. My infinite gratitude.”

Carlos M. Gaviria Castellanos, VP Sales, Claro Colombia

“Your presentation was absolutely spectacular, I learned much from it and I know that our students were blown away.”

Tom Kolditz, Professor and Director, Leadership Development Program, Yale School of Management

“The meeting was a memorable and enriching experience. It was very interesting and different from what we are used to hearing about Leadership and made the audience think differently about the importance of culture in an organization.”

Mariana Feld, President, Harvard Club Argentina

“Thanks again so much for your great workshop on Leadership. I was really moved by your comments on passion and authenticity and learned a lot in just a short hour. As a past President of the Cal Alumni club in France I can assure you it was one of our best events ever!”

Maria Adle Besson, Founder-President, Stanford Club of European Leaders

“Your ratings were up to 99% of satisfaction! [You probably received] the highest satisfaction rating we have ever received for a keynote speaker at a PMI Leadership Institute meeting.”

Michelle Brown, Volunteer Programs Specialist, Project Management Institute, Inc.

“People First Leadership provided a valid conceptual framework to deepen a management model within our organization which was already aligned with Eduardo’s proposal. The simplicity of concepts and the leadership model were really easy to apply in our company, and we were soon able to see the benefits for our team.”

Guillermo Conti, Director, Sigmma S.A.